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Please check out Willow’s music video, What Will It Take, an original song she co-wrote with music producer, Dawn Elder, and with the wonderful music production work of Tim Carmon.

From Willow: I wrote this song alongside music producer, Dawn Elder, with the hopes of invoking the need for an awakening and a change in caring for each other and our planet…we truly all CAN be a part of this vision.

Music Videos

Willow’s music videos are produced by Dawn Elder with cinematography by Jake Van Asten



Please check out Willow’s original simple yet powerful rendition of “Imagine”; written and recorded by John Lennon.  She chose this song for its melodic plea for world peace.

From Willow: I choose to record Imagine because we need this kind of message in the world. The world isn’t about fame, violence, or that Luis Vuitton Bag. It’s about community. It’s about how you treat yourself and others. It’s about loving each other no matter our differences which is why I love the song, Imagine, so much.


Please check out Willow’s original beautiful rendition of “My Grown Up Christmas List”; written by David Foster and Linda Thompson Jenner; originally recorded by Foster with Natalie Cole.

From Willow: “My Grown Up Christmas List” is about the magic of Christmas. The memories you have in your childhood. Things might be different now, but we can always love Christmas, or any other holiday you celebrate. You might not believe in Santa anymore, or think Elf on the Shelf is just a joke -but you can still find joy around you. You can still wish and hope for dreams to come true; that is what “Grown Up Christmas List” means to me. 


Please check out Willow’s original stunning rendition of “Concrete Angel”; written by Stephanie Bentley and Rob Crosby; originally recorded by Martina McBride.  She chose this song to bring awareness of abuse/suffering.

From Willow:  Concrete Angel is about raising awareness and how to help if you get the feeling something’s not right. How to escape. I sing this song for all the kids out there that need a way out of that hell. I hope after someone hears this song, they will care about what happens to those kids in this world and try to help because we all need to be aware of potential abuse that unfortunately occurs daily. You may be a child’s only saving grace…take action before it is too late!


Please check out Willow’s original acoustic rendition of “Breathe” originally recorded for one of her favorite musicals and film “In the Heights”, written and recorded by Sara Bareilles. She chose this song for acceptance of self.

From Willow: For me, Little Voice is about acceptance. Not everyone has that and that’s not right. I get my emotions out by singing them. While singing this song, I’m thinking about how things could be so simple in life. No bullying, murder, drugs, littering, or anything like that and beyond. This song is special to me, and I hope I can make it special in your heart too.


Please check out Willow’s original moving rendition of “Note To God” originally recorded by Charice and written by Diane Warren. She chose this song for its touching prayer in a song.

From Willow:  Have you ever felt like there was only one being that will always be there for you? Someone that will only do good deeds and won’t get upset if you make any kind of big or small mistake? Someone that you can talk to that won’t judge you? No, that doesn’t have to be God.. This song is about someone you can rely on to never give up on you, someone you can talk to about your troubles and will listen to you. Someone to believe in and to me, that is God.


Please check out Willow’s original acoustic rendition of “Breathe” originally recorded for one of her favorite musicals and film “In the Heights”, written by Lin Miguel Miranda.

From Willow: I chose this song for its powerful message of hope after disappointment. I changed a few of the lyrics to make it my own. Breathe is about a girl who feels as though she didn’t meet the expectations of her family, her community, or herself when she comes home from college with failing grades. To me, the song is much more than that; it’s about figuring out obstacles in your ever changing path and maybe sometimes that closed door, to what you thought was your dream, is actually an open door to endless possibilities in our journeys. It’s something that we can all relate to which is why I chose to share my rendition of Breathe. It’s ok to change direction and follow your heart…just remember to BREATHE!

Please check Willow;s first music video, and original acoustic rendition of the song “Warrior” originally recorded by Demi Lovato.

From Willow: I chose this song for its powerful message that we can all be Warriors in life and forge thru the fires we encounter to overcome obstacles.